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CRM System Add On Modules

CONTACTfile add-on modules are optional additions to your software package, which operate in a completely integral way. They save you repeatedly typing up contact names and addresses for the non-standard things you need to do. Never type anything twice! There are four add-on modules, each specially designed to suit people working in particular areas of business.

CRM ClubFor membership and event administrators. Club helps you manage your club membership or event attendance, and records collecting money for special occasions. Go to Club >


CRM HelpDeskFor help desk managers who need to designate the response to the experts. Helpdesk keeps track of requests for help, and help you ensure that it is followed up quickly and appropriately. Go to Helpdesk >


Document Manager
CRM Document managerFor those who revise documents in liaison with others. Document Manager helps you organise your contracts’ or projects’ documents as they are moved and revised. Go to Document Manager >


Contact File
I am a complete CONTACTfile convert and my only regret is that I did not buy it sooner. It has helped me to be more efficient with my admin and more organised with my project management. A major benefit is being able to invoice straight from my job list with just a few clicks as opposed to creating each invoice from scratch every time. [More]
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