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CONTACTfile Club (add-on): for membership and event administration

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CONTACTfileClub is a free add-on module until the end of March 2015 while we test it. It is an easy way of managing your membership or event attendance, including collecting money. It has all the functionality of CONTACTfile CRM.

If you respresent a not-for-profit organisation then contact us for discount details.

With CONTACTfile CRM, you can already:

CONTACTfile Club also lets you:

And, of course, to make sure you are confident with using it, we have made a clear user guide(pdf), online help videos and each purchase comes with 3 months email or phone support.

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I am very pleased to be using CONTACTfile. It saves me so much time, and helps me do a really professional job. All it takes is a click to contact members by email or text, to produce a list of those who have not paid their subscription, to produce a full list of members with addresses, telephone numbers etc. [More]
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