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What is meant by 'CONTACTfile is relational'?

A relational database has data stored in many different tables, which are linked together by an invisible ID. This allows you to be much more efficient with your typing, because the data is fed-through to wherever it is needed. In a well-structured relational database you should NEVER have to type anything more than once.

In a typical emailing address book, for example, one line per contact means that addresses have to be typed many times over:

Type it twice

With CONTACTfile, however, you type the address once, and list as many employees as you like underneath:

Type it once

See how, on the contact screen below, there is room to add more employees, as many as you like, whenever you need to.

Typical Organisation Screen shot


Contact File
I have been using CONTACTfile for a few months now and find it easy to use and a really excellent tool for helping me to manage my contacts. Whilst I haven't investigated all of the functionality available to me yet, I am very impressed so far not only with the way it functions but with the excellent support that I receive from CM Databases. [More]
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