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Testers have CONTACTfile Pro for free in return for taking the beta version in advance of release to Jo Public.  We don’t particularly ask you to do anything except use it, and then let us know if anything isn’t working as it should. Testers need to be fairly IT confident, but don’t need to be the techie sort.  If this option interests you, then read on!


  1. Have a look to see if the beta version has a bigger number than the normally-downloaded version. That is to say, compare 5 and 6 on with 1 and 2 on the upgrades page.
  2. if the beta number is more advanced than the normal version, install normal trial version by clicking here, and register your interest.
  3. We will inform you whether there are any current vacancies. If there are, immediately upgrade to the beta version, and email us to inform us that you have done so.
  4. For up to 15 days, see what it's like to be a tester! This means that you will use the program as you would want to anyway, and letting us know if anything doesn't happen as it should. Also, try to keep us included with any thoughts and ideas with regard to making the program better.
  5. If, during that time, you feel you would like to continue by having invitations to upgrade from time to time, then request a passcode.


Contact us for more details.

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My CONTACTfile database is fantastic, and what is even more fantastic is the patient handholding and question answering that you have offered to this nervous database newbie. Thanks so much. Highly recommended! [More Testimonials]
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